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CV-19 Stress? I can help you. Start with a free 10-minute consultation

It’s perfectly human to be concerned about your health and safety during the first major pandemic in recent history. With cases of the new coronavirus racing across the world, schools closed and events cancelled, more people going into enforced or self-quarantine, and shift workers suddenly out of a job because their industry relies on the presence of other people, it can be hard not to stress over what comes next.

But if your concern snowballs into excessive worry or panic that prevents you from carrying out daily functions or interferes with relationships at home or elsewhere, then your state of mind may be worth some closer attention.

As an accredited counsellor, I regularly help people deal with anxiety and other mental health issues. But with the uncertainty of this unprecedented crisis, I've seen increasing levels of anxiety in people who are typically able to cope with challenges in a level-headed manner.

They’re letting their worst fears guide them instead of their best thinking. My job is to help people figure out how to stay thoughtful, calm, and able to solve problems as the news about COVID-19 changes daily, and often hourly.

To help you better cope, I am offering a free 10-minute phone consultation for you to access guidance and support, and to talk over therapy and how this can help you support yourself and your loved ones through these troubling times.

Use my contact form and start to invest in your self care at this challenging time.

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