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How does our partner affect our well-being?

Updated: Oct 30, 2018

We know how our actions can have a positive or negative affect on our health, but have we thought about how our partner’s actions might affect our health?

Researchers have found that people who have a happy partner also have an overall balance of wellbeing and suffered less stress. As a result, it’s suggested that a happy partner will provide better emotional support, stronger social support and could be responsible for a healthier outlook.

We can’t always be happy, right? And it wouldn’t be fair to suggest that another is totally responsible for our wellbeing…but a stressful partner does have an effect on us and therefore our stress will affect them too.

Therefore, a positive influence will influence your partners health! Using therapy, such as goal-orientated therapy, can help us reduce stress levels and aim for a better lifestyle, which in return will have beneficial result on our life and our relationships.

Ref: Chopik, W. J., & O’Brien, E. (2017). Happy you, healthy me? Having a happy partner is independently associated with better health in oneself. Health Psychology, 36, 21-30. [PDF]

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