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Supervisor services

I provide clinical supervision that energises and stimulates your continued growth and development for the benefit of you and your clients. Our work together will be in a collaborative, respectful, supportive and  style that will both enable and gently challenges us, to facilitate continued professional growth and development.

I combine Proctor’s 3 Function Model and Page & Wosket's Cyclical Model of supervision. These are useful frameworks to guide our work together.


Proctor’s 3 Functions

  • Formative function (Learning)

  • Clinical supervision attends to expanding the skills, abilities and understandings of the supervisee. Restorative function (Support)

  • Clinical supervision attends to how client work impacts the supervisee. Normative function (Accountability)

  • Clinical supervision attends to the safety and effectiveness of the supervisee’s practice.

My fees

  • Clinical supervision: £50.00 per 1.5 hour session

  • Consultation and training events: Price on application                                                             

  • Reduced Rates for students. Price on application.

Contact Me

I have over six years’ experience of providing clinical supervision and hold a P.G. Diploma in Counselling and Supervision from the University of South Wales (2013). My approach is influenced by humanistic, integrative modalities with a keen interest in existentialism.


Both my clinical and supervisory practice is informed by the BACP’s Ethical Framework & Professional Guidelines. The BACP describes the functions of supervision as being to:

 - Assist in the development of the reflective practitioner to support the therapist;

- Maximise the effectiveness of the therapeutic relationship;

- Monitor/ safeguard the interests of the client;

- Maintain ethical standards as set out in the Ethical Framework.

Supervisee Testimonials

I had JDJ supervise me while I was still learning. I'm so grateful for her wisdom. Not only did she supervise me in work hours when I was unsure of things, she took time out to sit with me and role play and provide constructive feedback. It was one of the most helpful experiences that I have had in my career.

JDJ had a high level of empathy, respect, genuineness, concern and openness and invested 100% into the relationship. JDJ used appropriate goal-setting and feedback techniques and all the while teaching me. We have always held a good working alliance!   

I was working long hours, felt unsure and my Supervision was 'managerial' rather than anything else. JDJ helped me understand how the personal can infiltrate the professional without even noticing it. It was very helpful to me and I take care to monitor my feelings when I am overwhelmed.

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