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“Sometimes things don't make sense until you take time to work the little things through.


Your journey

starts with one small step.”

Julie Dawn Jones

Counselling for You

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Hello and welcome to JDJ Counselling.
My name is Julie Dawn Jones. I’m a fully qualified, professionally accredited Counsellor, Therapist, Lecturer and Supervisor, with 20 years experience working with clients in the UK and overseas.

Over the years I have developed my skills to help my clients – individuals and couples – deal effectively with some of the most complex, and often most misunderstood, of life issues:

Addictions and compulsivity

Sexual trauma

– Eating disorders

– Couples and family counselling

Depression & traumatic stress

Mental health issues 

I don't have a one-size-fits-all approach. I will tailor our sessions to match your needs and personal circumstances. And we can start your journey with an introductory 50-minute, no obligation, conversation together.


I can assure both existing and new clients that I'm able to run sessions online via Skype.

I know that this form of session can be highly effective. I have worked online for over ten years – both nationally and internationally – and have developed many excellent working relationships this way.


Please contact me for an appointment. 

By coming to my website you have taken the really important first step on your personal journey to better understand yourself and your goals – and through that to be able to identify positive changes you can make to your life.


My counselling offers you a safe and confidential talking environment. I can help you gain perspective on issues that are troubling you and provide you with tools to help you progress to a more satisfying life.

I work in private practice in Cardiff and also offer Skype, telephone and group therapy.

Julie Dawn Jones from JDJCounselling being interviewed by Bernadette Bruckner on WRS MRS Radio Station.

It’s the station where we can open up meaningful, helpful and constructive conversation.

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