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Food for thought?

Food plays an important part in our lives, and most of us will spend time thinking about what we eat. Our relationship with food often changes. We may try to eat more healthily, have cravings, eat too much, or lose our appetite. However, if you aren’t eating a regular balanced diet over a longer period, it could start to become a problem for you.

Having an eating problem can be very hard to cope with, but it’s important to understand that eating problems aren’t just about food. They can be about difficult things in your life and painful feelings, which you may be finding hard to express, face, or resolve. Focusing on food can be a way of disguising these problems, even from yourself.

I hold the Advanced Certificate in Eating Disorders, which means I can help you if you find yourself having to deal with an eating problem.

If you feel that any of the above has become an issue for you, you can book an initial assessment we me to talk over your concerns in a safe and confidential setting.

Please contact me on: 07451 872 474.

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